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Reasons To Use A Spiral Notebook

Reasons To Use A Spiral Notebook:

Throughout history the humble Spiral Notebook has proven to be a highly useful tool for many an artist or business person. If you follow our social media accounts you will see we post regular facts  with examples of famous people from all walks of life going back centuries and more who have all found the notebook an essential bit of kit.

From simply jotting down song lyrics to film character names, many a person who has created something we know now has used notebooks to help their creative flair prosper. So, what other daily functions can the Spiral Notebook help with? Below we highlight some examples of how useful it can be in everyday life.

Work and Business:

When you combine a spiral notebook with our handy accessories you have quite a powerful tool for work and business. You can split into sections and document any piece of information easily for when you need to go back for reference. Yes your trusty laptop ha sit’s place in your work life but combine it with a notebook and you have all you need. Notes during meetings, random musings and last minute thoughts and ideas can all be instantly jotted down rather then wait for your PC to boot up or if you are out and about.

Personal Life:

We are all so busy nowadays and it can be easy to forget things, appointments, small errands to run etc. The handy thing about a spiral notebook is it can fit in your bag so you always have an instant tool to jot down things. A notebook is also far more discreet then opening up your laptop.

Christmas Shopping:

Nothing says “we need a list” more then Christmas shopping.  Every year people are more and more determined to not leave it until the last minute to complete their shopping. What to get who can quickly become a stressful time.  Making a list is a handy way to keep track of what you have bought and what you still need to get.

Then we come onto the food list! The most important meal of the year is quickly looming and nothing is worse then on the big day realising you have forgot an essential item.  We’d say a list is essential to make sure this doesn’t happen. A small notebook in your bag or pocket is an ideal tool to help you with this.

Health and Fitness:

Keeping track of things like weight loss, diet, training schedules could help with any new fitness campaign and increase your chances of sticking to it. Remembering when you last weighed yourself can be great motivation to continue.  If you lift weights then keeping a record of your improvement can be useful, same for  running, we know there is Garmin and other options but a simple 5 second jot down of your PB and latest times gives you  quick access from your kit bag of your aims for today’s session.

Keeping track of your diet can help with things like health and well-being and help you resolve things like fatigue and so on. Knowing what you have eaten and when can help form good habits too.

Children’s Development:

Children grow so quick and things like height are all a fun part of this. Children love to be creative so you can chart progress in all manner of areas such as development, learning and more. Setting   tasks or puzzles in a notebook is a cheap and fun way to encourage growth and development all whilst having fun.

You could also use the notebook for chores and encouraging children to complete these and tick off as done. Earning pocket money in the process.

Food and Diet:

Keeping track of what you have eaten can help wit all sorts of problems, financing food bills, tracking weight loss, diet and allergies perhaps.  Keeping a daily record means you can compare different days when perhaps you felt tired or had more energy. All useful information. If you are on a calorie controlled diet then a daily record can help with this.  Dieting and weight loss can be easily tracked too. You could use your notebook to pre-plan meals ahead so you know what you are eating for the week ahead, perfect for a busy lifestyle.

Money & Finances:

The one thing that most of us worry about is money and finances. Simply having a few lists or notes can make all the difference when it comes to managing money, like knowing when your next payday is or when the largest bill is due out. Also keeping track of spend such as food bills, eating out, commuting costs can all be easily tracked and recorded in your small notebook.

We know there are plenty of applications on your laptop or phone to help but when out and about keeping a record of impulse buys or unplanned spend can help you run your finances smoother.

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