Spiral Notebook V Laptop/PC

  Spiral Notebook V Laptop/PC   In todays modern and fast flowing environment we all rely on gadgets and technology to last the pace and keep organised.  It’s fair to say we have probably forgotten an era when the humble pen and paper was the norm. Indeed they do say the pen is mightier then […]

Reasons To Use A Spiral Notebook

  Reasons To Use A Spiral Notebook:   Throughout history the humble Spiral Notebook has proven to be a highly useful tool for many an artist or business person. If you follow our social media accounts you will see we post regular facts  with examples of famous people from all walks of life going back […]

Spiral Notebook Facts

  Spiral Notebook Facts:   Everything we are surrounded by, from dishwashers and cars to the books we read and the clothes we wear, probably started with someone jotting down an idea on a blank page. By having a dream and ideas, creative people throughout history have made our lives that bit easier.   Alas, […]

Spiral Notebook Accessories

Spiral Notebook Accessories Capturing that idea, trying to contain that surge of creativity before it can slip away is a challenge. Sometimes to capture that lightning in a bottle, you need a better bottle. This is exactly what Clipmatic is, a brilliant set of Spiral Notebook Accessories that turns your spiral notebook into a portable […]