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Clipmatic Ruler | Beige

A Ruler to draw lines is just so 2010!

Check out our Unique range of Duel-Feature Rulers, which can be used to draw straight lines as well as circles with perfect accuracy!

Since this is such a cool product, you are legit right to be worried that it could be stolen.
Don’t worry -Our innovative design makes sure that the ruler can’t be easily misplaced or snitched. The ruler comes with a hinge that gets easily inserted into the spiral binding of every notebook – So that your Clipmatic Ruler will be safe with you all the time!

Simply clip on to your notepad, and it is safe and ready to be used anytime.

Ditch the traditional, age-old ruler for Clipmatic™’s Innovative Alternative. Available in 5 Sturdy colors.


Color: beige / brown front. Compatible with any type of Spiral Notebook.

The Clipmatic ruler is a perfect complement to your spiral notebook. Fits perfectly to any Spiral Notebook and the minimalist design allows you to always have a ruler on hand. In addition to making straight lines, you can also use it as a compass to make perfect and accurate circles.


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