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Capturing that idea, trying to contain that surge of creativity before it can slip away is a challenge. Sometimes to capture that lightning in a bottle, you need a better bottle. This is exactly what Clipmatic is, a brilliant set of tools that turns your spiral notebook into a portable workstation that is tailored exactly to your needs, so you can capture your creative lightning entirely, without letting it get away from you. Never lose those important notes at a vital time ever again.

A Bristol, UK based company that specialises in accessories for spiral notebooks such as dividers, reminders, clip on rulers, sticky tabs and separators.

About Lampson

While studying architecture in the University, I thought about the idea of adding notes onto my sketchbooks and how I could find them quickly when needed. I quickly realised that because it’s a new product, no one really had the experience in making these. For the next two years, I experimented with varies types of adhesive, materials and a series of vigorous product designs before arriving to the current product range.

Also, as a new business start-up, I struggled with funds such as patent and production costs. At times, I was held back due to lack of funds, however, I think such limitations can be a blessing at times as this allowed me a moment to evaluate product design before progressing further. As such, with each of the Clipmatic™ products, I can assure you that they are not only unique but well thought out and high quality useful tools for your spiral notebooks and sketchbooks. I officially launched Clipmatic™ in April 2018 during the London Stationery Show, being one of the launchpad winners with a free stand in the show.

Since my sketchbook has always been a companion of mine when I come to imagining new ideas, brainstorming for solutions and writing. I founded the Clipmatic™ company with a vision to provide tools for thinkers, artists and designers to even better utilise their spiral notebooks in their creative process. Our product range now includes spiral notebook dividers, separating tabs, clip on rulers and sticky tabs which  means you will never have trouble locating work or notes ever again.

Based in Bristol in the UK and since founding the company we now have 4 contract staff in graphics, retail and production.

Spiral Notebook Dividers

Lampson Leung, Inventor & Founder, 2020