Spiral Notebook V Laptop/PC


In todays modern and fast flowing environment we all rely on gadgets and technology to last the pace and keep organised.  It’s fair to say we have probably forgotten an era when the humble pen and paper was the norm. Indeed they do say the pen is mightier then the sword.  Shorthand writing is probably a skillset on the decline which is a shame.  The days of people turning up into a meeting room with just a pen and paper are long gone, now we see more and more people with laptops.


If you view university classes nowadays you will see it’s full of people with laptops taking notes and not just pens and pads.  So here at Clipmatic we are on a mission to bring back the humble pen and notebook. We want people to re-engage with their creative side again and let nature take it’s course. Some great people of our time and also during our history have all just ha the pen and paper to take notes. From film directors to scientists the notebook has served them well.


So we thought we would start by comparing the for and against of the pen and notebook against it’s rival, the laptop. We like to think we are open minded so we can understand how the laptop has rightly taken it’s place as a tool  for everyday use, but we also want to remind people about the beauty of the pen and pad.


Let’s start with the laptop:



  1. Transferable files and documents.
  2. Instantly send files via email worldwide.
  3. Can attach to a screen for wider audience.
  4. Can create folders.
  5. Less work transferring work to other platforms.
  6. Quick and clean input process.



  1. Bulky laptop for carrying around.
  2. Battery life can affect matters.
  3. Takes minutes to boot up.
  4. Can take up all space on a table.
  5. Lost work due to crashing.
  6. Not as portable as a notebook.


Now for the Spiral Notebook and Pen:



  1. Light and portable.
  2. Never runs out of battery.
  3. No boot up time waiting.
  4. Don’t need wifi.
  5. Takes up less space on table then laptop.
  6. Easy to pass notes around meetings.
  7. More relaxed note taking.



  1. Have to transfer notes taken to PC or laptop.
  2. Have to buy new notebook when full.
  3. Damaged if gets wet.
  4. Need to have a pen handy.
  5. Spelling mistakes can’t be corrected.
  6. Can’ drop in images or direct links like on a PC.




If we are honest our head says laptop however our heart says notebook. Nothing can beat being sat in a nice coffee shop with latte and a pen and notebook letting the creative juices flow. In todays modern climate there will always be room for both and what’s more, with our handy Clipmatic accessories your Spiral Notebook can become quite a powerful tool, for both work and leisure.


Indeed we see no reason why they both can’t be used at the same time and to compliment each other. Each brings it’s own unique advantages to the table and when combined you get the best of both worlds be it for work or personal use.

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